I would really like you to share these with other members of the Foundation so they can see what L was able to achieve with your help. L was 'Student of the year' in 2019. I would like to thank you again, as he would not have been able to achieve any of this without your financial support.  Mrs T, France

We have very much appreciated the help we have received from the Lloyd Foundation over the years, which has enabled N and his brothers to complete their schooling. Once again, our thanks for the help and support of the Lloyd Foundation.  Mr & Mrs N, Pakistan

Many, many thanks for the Foundation's help this year and last. You've made a huge difference to our family.  Mrs M, West Indies

We've been back in the UK for a couple of weeks and are setting up home again. We really appreciate the assistance of the Lloyd Foundation while we were overseas.   Mr & Mrs O, Thailand

Thank you for changing the course of my life

© Claudia L. 2021

My parents, both British, ran a small English school in regional Italy. Their business model was more like a social enterprise than a for-profit organisation, resulting in a very modest income that just about supported our family. Most of their efforts resulted in better employment opportunities for their students and they contributed greatly to the local community.

In 1991 my mother passed away from cancer at quite a young age. She was the main breadwinner in our family and we suddenly found ourselves in debt; I was forced to temporarily give up university in the UK and return to Italy to work, to secure the future of the business and the survival of our family. I worked extremely hard for 2 years, restoring the school finances back to black, and supporting my sister financially at a UK university till the completion of her degree. University fees and the cost of living in the UK were very high compared to Italy because the currency exchange was in our disfavour; it was important for us to gain degrees and employment immediately thereafter, and our hope was to do so in the UK.

My university gave me two years `off` and my intention was to resume study, but it became clear that my family would be unable to support me when I went back.  I somehow found the Lloyd Foundation (in a pre internet era!) and successfully applied for a grant and then a loan. These went a long way to affording me a modest living and, together with income from occasional translation work, I was able to support myself as a student until I graduated in 1996.

Since then, I embarked on a commercial career in marketing and have worked for several world class organisations; I am currently studying for my 4th and 5th degrees. I am so grateful to everyone involved in the Lloyd Foundation for enabling my study. It changed the trajectory of my life! Further, and more importantly, the fact that people I didn`t know trusted me to make good use of their funds gave me great confidence in myself. It restored a sense of justice in me as I had no assistance at all from the UK government and was left to my own devices. Since then I have tried to live a life conscious of the immense privilege that education affords, and I have helped hundreds of people gain further qualifications and steady employment.

Thank you for changing the course of my life.

Claudia L,

May 2021

Meet the Coppock family

© Coppock 2020

Hello, we are the Coppocks.

We have lived and worked on the beautiful continent of Africa for a number of years and as our family grew in age we found ourselves faced with the challenge of school fees- something we didn’t have to worry about in the UK.

As a ‘family on mission’ we have worked where possible but much of this has been voluntary so a significant amount of our income we received through sponsorship. When looking for schools for our children the fees were prohibitively high but then a friend put us in touch with the Lloyd Foundation.

For the past five years we have lived and worked in East and South Africa and one of the key things that made this possible was the generous support we received from the Lloyd Foundation towards our children’s school fees. The support we received made it possible for them to attend schools that offered a similar education to that they would have received if we were in the UK.

We first applied for our 2 oldest girls and they received funding towards attending a wonderful international school in Kampala, Uganda. This school offered an amazing hybrid of the British essential curriculum (Maths, English, Science) along with an international curriculum for the other subjects, creating culturally and globally relevant teaching and amazing creativity. The foundation then generously added our third daughter to the funding as well.

Our second application was for our three girls as we relocated to Cape Town, South Africa. We once again went in search of a school for the children and we were able to secure them places in a wonderful school, with an equivalent education to that of the UK schools. This school has an amazing community and our children were loved, nurtured and encouraged in their love of learning from day one.

This year during the Covid-19 pandemic, here in South Africa, we faced one of the hardest lockdowns, when for seven months our children were unable to attend school physically but the school excelled in the provision of online education during this time.

We are so grateful to the Lloyd Foundation for enabling our children to access such incredible educational establishments during our time in East Africa and South Africa. They have thrived and we are confident that as we move back to the UK they will be able to slot back into school easily as they have kept up and thrived in their learning journeys.

Thank you to each of the partners who generously give to the foundation, to the staff and board who administrate the grants.

Thank you for enabling our children to grow and thrive academically during the past 5 years.

© Coppock 2020

December 2020


Did you or your child receive support from The Lloyd Foundation?  As we approach our 50th year we would love to hear your story and find out what has happened since.  Drop us a line today!